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Coke's Pen Game - Wakfu/Ankama Fanart

By SonOfShadows - MEMBER - January 30, 2019, 22:18:44

For any under the Nox server that knows me, Coke Scarlet, or any of my alts (Redz, Belle ve Dear, Chileepaperz, Bazookaz, Menelaos Basil)… please note that I most-likely won't be returning to Wakfu. I love the game, I love the lore but the demolition of the nations broke my heart and I can no longer support a game where content is consistently being taken from the players. Should they ever do away with the dumb idea removing all that space of national character and adventure, I'll return. Until then... my Wakfu play is limited to role-play and, with that, comes the necessity of character pictures. So here, I'll share with you some of my works. Please note that digital work is from around 2011-2013... everything else is done in pen~ 

I'll start this off with fanart I did for my Masqueraider in Dofus, Flash Maverick (named after my furry role-play OC at the time)...

The next picture is my rendition of Ecaflip, dated 2015… Menelaos Basil meets a jaguar. This picture was lost to me, along with the sketch book it was in and the Bamboo tablet beside it when my backpack was robbed.
The next series of pictures are dated 2016. I'd been role-playing my Rogue in several different forums and so, I owed her a few pictures. Due to SFW policies and that she's designed as a futa, however, I can only show but so many pictures. I present to you... Bazookaz!!
The next one I kind of want to redo, even if the pose isn't an original of mine >.<
Even made a 3D version of Bazookaz (>.> I use the name Bazookaz and Bazil errrrrrrrwhere)
The sad part is... I've been playing Ankama games since the start of Dofus when there were but Three options. Mine was Sram. Was always a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of sram and while I may have even used her some roleplays from time to time, I never, in all these years, stopped and drew a picture of her. And so, I bring to you a recently finish picture of Redz...with Baz in the background >.>

Now, when I rp as Bazookaz, it's with a lore that any class can become a Rogue and I'm not the only one who follows this logic. With Bazookaz, no class fit better to wear Rogue's veil than Cra. Up until maybe 2015, my main in Dofus had always been Coke-Scarlet, my cra. Now it's Panda but 'cause Panda is dope af and more useful in all situations. Nevertheless, Cra remains one of my top 5 and so I had to do one for my Wakfu version of Coke Scarlet. The first picture is more so a ref. sheet for myself for future drawings of her... with homage paid to my guild, Sugar Coated Sour. The second picture, however, has me eager to rp her in action!
After I get a nice collection of stuff for my dearest Coke, and maybe some including Redz and/or Baz... Belle, my panda, is next!!! winktonguewink
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That's some really nice art work there. Would love to see more. wub

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