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How dungeon ranking works?

By biscuit999 - MEMBER - August 02, 2018, 07:43:35

So i'm just a bit confused as to how the dungeon rankings are calculated. Say i complete a dungeon in a total of 8 turns, with the boss being 2 turns. How can someone else who completed the dungeon in the same number of turns be ranked higher than me? Does it take into account the total time taken to complete the dungeon, or maybe team composition matters?

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Being the fastest doesn't mean you need to run between each room! The first criteria is still the Stasis difficulty. Next is the total number of dungeon turns (all rooms combined). In the event of a draw, the number of fight turns against the boss will set the teams apart. If there is still a draw, the date of entry onto the leaderboard will take precedence. First come, first served!
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Thankyou! that's cleared everything up

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