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By hemyani - MEMBER - June 21, 2018, 20:14:19

Why is the ultimate boss "Top of the Giant Totem" restricted to competitive mode? I just want to beat it once for the Zinit quest, but now it's very difficult with adjusted level. PLEASE make competitive mode optional in this ultimate boss!!! Jesus.

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is too much, bad choice by ankama, please undo this mistake ankama is an abuse forcing a player to do competitive mode on ultimate bosses now is just stupid, i didnt even think to do ultimate bosses being lvl200 and now that is more dificult and anoying is just a joke to think doing them now lol, gl with those ultimate empty dung's ...

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  • PLEASE make competitive mode OPTIONAL!!!
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Oh, my.
I hadn't thought about THAT part until now...
You also need to defeat Moon and Steel Beak before you can face Norgord....

Agreed. Give us back normal mode for those Bosses or increase their level to 185.

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