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Ready for reset, need help.

By Aquallia - MEMBER - May 01, 2015, 06:20:32

I'm ready for skill reset, well when next I level up. I'm curious how it works, I know need speak to Jonk, but then what?

Does it reset stats, abilities, and spell levels?

How will it go for de-leveling and re-leveling?

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It's pretty self explanatory and you don't have to leave the room until you are finished. You can reset multiple times before you leave.

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To actually reset your spells in the respec room, you have to talk to the Panda and choose the fairly obvious option.

This will bring up a menu where you can freely reallocate elemental spell levels, but it also resets all points you've put into stats and specialties.

While there you can test your damage output on the dummies around, though other than testing damage they're not that helpful, since they only stand there and take it.

After you're done with restatting you can speak to the panda again and say that you're ready to go back. Basically the process is fairly simple.

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Ok, thanky you.

I'm switching to go pure Air / Water for now.

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