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Oafish Tadbole

By Matsyendra11 February 03, 2013, 02:32:46
So this morning I awake in my haven bag, I take a look at my garden and WOAH.. what is that?

My Tadbole tree has mysteriously turned into an Oafish Tadbole... with little glittery stars...

All sorts of questions run through my head... I can't seem to prune it... why?

What is Oafish Tadbole wood used for? I can't seem to find a recipe that uses it.

Any information on this tree would be awesome!
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Oafish Tadbole wood is a 'rare' lumberjack resource, just like 'Raging Hornbeam', 'hallowed pooplar wood', and 'supernatural yew wood'.
They cant be prunes for that reason, they are rare and are most likely planned for future items. Just like Supernatural yew wood, which only 1 has craft, a vampyro belt.

So keep it in ur havenbag for the sparkles and if you want cut it down and save the wood for future recipes.
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They're pretty much the tree version of Amakna's golden wheat, which can't be pruned either. Cut it and store it away for future crafts.
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