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By Chreon November 23, 2012, 12:59:21
Hey Everyone!

I have to write here again becouse still "noone" cares about Amaknas ecosystem!

But really....NOONE? Is it really so hard to replant everything? Is it really so hard?

In the last few weeks i don't do anything else just replant trees, crops, mobs and flowers.

So why is it so hard to get some seed and replant what u cut down?

Im getting angry about peoples unconcern, and i am not the only one. Everyone is trying to protect their crops and trees becouse people do NOT care about replanting. Yeah it's really nice if a low lvl character plants some trees couse he needs for profession and someone on high lvl comes and cut it down. Fair hmm?

I really have to realise that people are here like in the real world? Destroying everything around them? Everyone cares about hisself? I think there are still some people who want to care about our ecosystem and i hope that they will do it like me, my friends and my guildmates.

Don't forget a real simple phrase. "one for all and all for one!"

I wish a nice weekend for everyone!

-Fortuna Major-
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I second that - how many times I have ran through the maps searching for one leftover ash tree or thistle at least in order to get the crafting of a new character going (no matter in which nation actually, with Sufokia being actually the most beginner friendly in that discipline)

Now the game in general is built around creation and destruction, so obviously some people create more and some destruct more, and that's not a bad thing. It's also a good thing that not all resources on all maps are subject to ecosystem controls, it makes life easier especially for new characters.

But I would really like to see a function - independent of eco system controls - where destroying the last species of a plant or mob on a map severely punished, e.g. -20 CP or more, so people would at least think twice before doing that and get a reminder of how anti social they're towards other players.
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I am Rayne, and I approve this message.

Hahaha sorry guys, just kidding... they use that phrase in American politics a lot, haha. Of course I do agree with what Pandora's saying ^^

Please don't forget the people who do replant :3 But, aside from that, you're damn right! I've noticed the crops, flowers and trees amounts diminishing the past few... weeks? Months even maybe O_O We've been so busy with the market that we lost some focus on the ecosystem, I think. Now that our market's gotten better, let's look into this and figure out how to improve the ecosystem smile

-Xx Rayne
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poor fuzzy fern that I try to leave their species at emelka always gone in a single night ;-;
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Yea outlaws smile 
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i plant many plant that can be plant in the HQ and the town like crusty to trafalgar just single night most of high level plant disapear in HQ just left palmito and api treeangry and i believe someone has sabotage emelka especialy the treechnid population.
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