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[Need Help] Complete tree/plant/crop list

By muriloFiote August 13, 2012, 04:36:13
Hello guys!

I'm trying to make a page/list with all the trees/plants/crops affected by the temperature, but the content that appears when i press X seems to be limited by my own character profession levels.

This is what I managed this far:
Click here

Can someone help me complete the list? Its pretty simple and open for everyone for now.
Click here (dont mind the broken images if you add something, i'll fix them later).

Please don't mess with my database, lol.

Tip: All I'm really asking you guys is: If you got a toon that is a lumberjack or farmer or herbalist lvl 90+, just press X ingame and tell me what is the temperature reaction of the high level crops/trees/plants.

Like "Wheat (its a crop) got freeze at -25º, cold at -5º, hot at 20º and burning at 30º"
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Oooh wow! This is really awesome! I think this will prove very helpful for Emelka. That ecosystem tends to get out of order easily. My gathering professions aren't baws level yet, but I'll try to get people whose gathering levels are to help you out. If you have any further questions, just ask us smile


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Done. You'll have to sort trees by its level THO.
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Already upload all the needed images. Gonna spice some things now =)
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It seems your lumberjack/herbalist/farmer database is done already.
I could see if I could add some monsters in there from time to time, although you might also just be able to get the monster data from other Wakfu sites like:
wakfu.wikia - Bow Meow example
wakfu-world - Bow Meow example
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Hmmm I have always liked ecology from Wafku and met many ecologists...
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