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Sufokia Tree Maps

By Arathyra - MEMBER - June 08, 2012, 19:46:17
A lot of times people ask me, "Arathyra, goddess of all things Wakfu-related and highly attractive individual, where should I plant which tree?" So I decided to draw a few maps... poorly.

Sufokia HQ:
Click here

Sufokia Village:
Click here

Tydal Prairie:
Click here
(Hazel, Chestnut)

Hanging Gardens:
Click here
(Hazel, Chestnut)

Terrana Dune:
Click here
(Api, Birch)

Turfo Canyon:
Click here
(Birch, Dry Pine, Weeping Willow)

Jumping Jungle:
Click here
(Weeping Willow, Palmito, Bramble, Redwood)

Steamulating Shore:
Click here
(Sylvan Pine, Cherry)
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We'll have a lot of work to do to make Sufokia look that nice, but hopefully anyone interested in helping out the nation will use these maps as reference! Thanks Arathyra.
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Well done. Is good to see some iniciative in sufokia! Keep the good work Odeen smile 
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Don't forget to thanks Arathyra, Gregobb.
I merged the pictures into one.

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Great job.

Now, how about a Crop Map? wink 
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Crops and herbs are actually left out random on purpose. They are a bit harder to keep track of and so is making patterns with them.

There is however a general plan;

Wheat - artichoke - tulberbulbs go to Hanging Gardens

Cawwots - pumpkins - barley go to Terrana Dune

Oats - beans - babbage go to Turfo Canyon

Vanilla rice - rye - sweat jute go to Steamulating Shore

We don't in general cut down things in they break this plan, unless it's per se wheat on Turfo or Steam (really out of place), or if its babbage, since it's currently useless. High level crops are split between Turfo/Steam.
Same pretty much goes with herbs.
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Ara, Odeen and myself are back onto fixing Sufokians poorly looked after Eco so please respect the tree maps.

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I follow these maps as well. And even though they don't follow the area's recommended levels (for example: Turfo Canyon is lvl 30-40 but these maps show lvl 25 Birch there), if everyone follows these maps then there will be trees for all anyway.

To make it easier to find these maps, I made it so you can type the address in your browser and that will take you back here. It's like a shortcut smile

If you notice that an area is way off the map recommendations, you can always whisper me in-game (Zanwee, Granny Grumps, Lady Zan) and I will try to help out if I have time. I'm almost always ready for ecosystem duty. And anyone who doesn't replant trees after cutting them down should be very ashamed, because it takes other players hours to replant and it's very upsetting that you will take advantage of us like this. Unlike other games, the trees don't just magically come back in Wakfu, the players actually have to replant every single tree (except in the magical playground called Astrub).


On a side note, I'm about to make similar maps for Amakna. The things I will consider while planning are these:

  • The area's recommended level. If it says lvl 30-40, then only trees of level 30, 35 and 40 will be planned for that area. I make an exception for the level 10-20 areas and consider them level 0-20 instead.
  • The chance of planting each tree. For example, even though the amakna cemetary is recommended lvl 10-20, only lvl 45 Bramble can be planted there, so that needs to be taken into consideration.
  • The usefulness of each tree. Some trees are used for more recipes than others, and some recipes are more popular than others, so I will try to find a good balance in how many of each tree we need.
  • And last, but not least, I will also try to consider what the trees will look like in each area, to make sure to keep the area atmosphere. Weeping Willow should be planned near water if possible, and other trees belong in other types of areas.
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I love this initial idea of the tree maps. Very nicely done!

Since I currently am governor of Sufokia, me and people around me have been working on the ecosystem regularly lately. I felt like guidelines were in needed. There already was a map for the trees and I think it is very helpful!
I created a map of the herbs and crops as well. And I altered the tree map a bit.

I don't go into much detail on where the trees should be places (I do not think it is necessary), except for the amount that should be in each area of the nation. Of course these percentages are rough estimations - it is impossible to count out all the plants.

I hope these will help keep more variety in the ecosystem of Sufokia and make it easier to maintain.

~ Karah

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I was told to be uncharacteristically nice and not be disrespectful, so I'll "critique" your maps. I don't mind you putting in effort into this and by no means do I think my list is the law, although, let's be frank, it's a work of genius the likes of which the world hasn't seen since Michelangelo himself painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.

I know you don't have anyone that is worth their salt when it comes to ecology, so cherish this lesson because it comes from the greatest ecologist Sufokia has ever seen. Well, in Remington at least.

Steamulating has very few spots for trees. If you want to actively start planting palmito there then you really need to rethink what you're doing. There is barely enough room for just plain Cherry trees and Sylvan yet you want to add to that? Stop it. I know this is because you don't do much ecology wise and it may be an experience thing, but if you take a stroll through Steamulating you should still be able to tell.

Steamulating doesn't have nearly enough farms for all the stuff you listed in your crops image. If you don't put some stuff in Turfo, which has too many farms, then you're doing it wrong. Babbage is the devil and anyone that spams a region full of the stuff is likely the antichrist. Use the room in Turfo that's available.

The herb image for Steamulating suffers more of the same issues really. Obviously you're going to have issues with herbs either way in Sufokia because there just isn't a lot of space for it. If only that stuff would grow on sand.

I still stand by leaving Farms and Herbs more open to whatever's there and only remove the most offensive things. It's arguably not maintainable in the slightest to follow a strict plan.
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this was very helpful thank you to find trees to cut down and where to plant them back
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I can't find them and I can't see the linked pictures. Can you help me?
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