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About hornbeam in wakfu

By Siberwar2#5128 - MEMBER - May 18, 2021, 21:33:01

After some time away from the game, I decided to log in and check my bag, when I discovered that all the hornbeam that I had were substituted with Bananagrume tree. 

Why did this happen? is Beanhorn banned from wakfu? if so, for what reason? will wakfu become a woke game now?

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Back then there was a re-arrangement of resources during [Dy7] times. They simply swapped places with other trees, crops, minerals, etc. That is the reason why you see lianas instead of banana trees at Bilbiza, or palms instead of mushrooms at Moon, and why the Moon mushroom soup recipe now has no mushrooms in it.

Simply get some cuttings of it again, or the 3 deco varieties of that tree. Happy planting.

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would you be kind to tell me where do I get them? 

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The hornbeams are still in game.
They just got rearranged after the update 1.53
You can check out the quick list from this old method wakfu link :

Since it's an archived link the new resources which came with osamosa and 215 are not there, that you can find with the profession panel like Trc said.

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oh thank you so much!

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