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Where can I plant trees in Astrub?

By Ankhor-F - MEMBER - August 08, 2020, 11:17:10

I'm a new player and I was immediately attracted by the options of crafting. 
Reading on the forum I discovered that it is better to replant the cut trees in order not to exhaust the available resources (although many seem to be finished already), so I tried to plant Ash Tree on Astrub field but could not finda any suitable place. 
Any block of land on which I try has no chance of grove, even if I try in the same place where the tree was before.
Could you tell me how to find suitable points?

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You probably already find the answer while I typing this. But... You have to look for a bar (ground)  painted in green with brown all around astrub.

Every three have their locations, you can check them by open your professions and look into palntings you want, there is also button to show their location.

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I just tried and finally managed to plant what I wanted.
Didn't know about the location indicator, thank you very much!

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