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Rumors of a high level herb

By treevamp1#8526 - MEMBER - September 13, 2015, 04:27:41
I've heard rumors of an herb higher than level 100. Perhaps from Xelorium?
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There are a few herbs that are technically higher than level 100!


Aloa Vera (110) - Ohwymi
Venutian (120) - The Fungopole
Notaclu (145) - Srambad
Kamamille (150) Enurado
Eterny (160) - Xelorium

You only need to be level 100 to gather those plants, but the levels of the actual items are higher than 100.

Aside from those, there's a level 200 plant in Astrub called Saintly Cotton.

Saintly Cotton is just a reference to a French guild that was around in closed beta and a scrapped game mechanic. There aren't any real herbs that require a herbalist level higher than 100!
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Very interesting. Thank you!
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