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Where are all the hazel trees?

By crystalsuicune January 18, 2014, 00:37:37
I needed a bunch of hazel wood for crafting,but I've searched across the 4 nations and couldn't find any at all (not even in Bonta,where I assumed should have more trees than the other nations by design)

Well alright I did recall seeing a bunch of replanted hazel trees in Sufokia but I bet 100 kamas that they're already wiped out by the time I log on again.

Does anyone know where I could find them?
(Technically I could have replanted some but since you need to find existing trees to harvest cuttings off to plant with...yeah)
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Do you need Hazel wood, or Hazel planks? If your on Nox I hav 3000 hazel planks..... :/They've been sitting around for far too long!
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Hazel wood,unfortunately ._.
(trying to forge a smithy needle)

Besides I'm on Remington instead of Nox,sorry...!
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Look in Bliblidungeon.
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Alright found a nice spot for getting hazel trees from,time to take some cuttings and replant.
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I planted +100 in Ankama Village and 100 in Hugo's Prairie. biggrin 
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