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Haven World Planting

By cbunny - MEMBER (+) - January 12, 2014, 18:47:51
Our guild just bought a new crop field. The first two were filled completely with each type of crop. In the new one I tried to plant an entire field of rye, but oops, it won't let me on two squares due to an ecosystem error, too many plants. Nothing else is on the square (and the other crops even have herbalist plants on the tiles). So does planting take into account adjacent tiles? I tried removing flowers on neighboring lands, but no change. I can't seem to use all of the crop :/
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Same thing in our world. Only thing I can think of is to space out the fields in the future.
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Well that throws a wrench in my design! Poop.
I'm assuming you don't get the money back if you destroy crops/forests to move them? u_u
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Sadly no, you do not. :/ I wasn't aware of limited planting myself and wasted money on 6 farming plots and I can only plant up 4 1/2 of them!
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