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Amakna's Ecosystem

By AtomicBrat September 24, 2013, 12:10:34
Probably another rant topic. I know what you're thinking.
Well fret not, for it is one of such.

Most of us who helps cultivate the ecosystem have a problem with people who takes and not grow them back. No surprise there. I myself do not mind feeding lazy people. I've been dealing with problems of insufficient trees and herbs around Amakna, and people have been taking them all, leaving maybe just one or sometimes none behind. No problem, I'll plant some back. What is atrocious is that the entire nation was missing the lowest level crop for low-levels.

What I've been through here is that I was trying to get wheat straws yesterday since I was not able to get any through the market. I practically ran through the whole of Amakna yesterday and could not find a single normal wheat. What was left was the golden wheat, which is not what I wanted. Before was the ash tree problem, where I had to populate the entire of two map areas and the next day finding almost two-thirds gone, which was still not as ridiculous as the wheat problem.

Perhaps, after I rage-quit the game, some saint might have planted some back but I haven't checked since so I do not know. I had wheat grains to re-plant a few, but should I have planted them and leave it there for some crazy ass guy to pluck it all, I'm sorry to say, I'd rather leave the problem in dirt.

About the other nations, I do not know if there was wheat available since I did not check. However, Amakna as a nation that is highly proficient in especially food wise, I think this is a rather serious problem.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I may be new and not quite new either, but I'll accept opinions otherwise.
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Oh yes, the midas-weed-problem.
I've mentioned it several times myself but it's either ignored or on the lower ranks of their priority list.

For those which don't know, in Amakna Wheat transforms into rather useless "Golden Wheat" after a short time, a relict of the plan to introduce special ressources for every nation. Said Golden Wheat doesn't give seeds and is rarely used, which results in people simply leaving it be and planting new Wheat instead resulting in fields overgrown with this golden weed.
It would be nice if Ankama would decide to either limit the transformation, add the ability to collect normal Wheat seeds of the golden one or remove it completely.

If you're aiming to give your nation a better access to Wheat, the currently best solution might be to sell the seeds slightly overpriced in little amounts in the starting areas.
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I need some help please understanding the ecosystem system. I've recently learned of penalties for over harvesting (I like non-combat stuff over fighting things), and want to learn how to be better and not get penalties of kicked from server.

Can someone message me in a PM or something to explain it or give me some times? I'm sure server mods have me on a list (that or I'm paranoid).

I'd like some advice on how to harvest while properly putting things back.

(I think I posted this in wrong spot, but I couldn't make a new topic can a mod please move this post into a seperate or appropriate topic please?)
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You arent in any danager of being kicked. Outlaws as well as Riktus are around and often they destroy ecosystems just because. That being said, any area you are in before harvesting anything, in the upper right hand corner theres the buttons for the ecosystem interface. Theres a few different buttons, one is about the Clan Member ( Not really relevant, just a curiosity thing really) , one is weather, and the other is ecosystem. Weather it will say the optimal conditions for various plants, the further it is from the best conditions the longer it will take for plants to grow. In the Eco button, you see various plants and animals and it states what the Clan leaders want, some things have no limits , others are set. On the ones that are set it will say underneath it, as an example 100-300, if you go over the top amount (300) you will be penalized, this would be done by overplanting, if you go under (100) by taking too much you weill be penalized as well. If it is under you will get positive citizenship points until it is back up to 100, if it is over 300 you will get positive points until you take enough that it is back to 300. If it is between the two numbers you get no positive or negative points. In the interface there will be items with no numbers under them , there are no conditions or limits for those items, so dont worry about over or under planting those

This only applies to Nations, both Haven Bags and Haven Worlds, have no weather , and no clan members, so no points or penalties. The main reason to get citizenship points is for voting, or running for office, although there is a small bonus for each nation when you are at the min amount. If you are under 0 you become outlaw and will be attacked a lot as that makes you an a enemy of all nations, but it is correctable
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