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Places to plant crops

By Ryzell September 02, 2013, 20:07:41
After exploring most of the world (I may have missed some spots) It seems the only place to plant crops is in one of the 4 mainlands. So in a way this makes sense as it is the "civilized" area, but it makes about as much sense to have a place to farm in the middle of a beach as it does to be able to grow on an isolated island.

In pure gameplay aspect personally I dont think its fair to have trees and plants availible to plant everywhere but crops in only a few select places. To be clear I am only concerned about the weather. On the mainland it is almost always sunny and the temp doesnt vary all that much from nation to nation. But on the islands the weather is widely varied allowing much easier planting of some species of plant. Yes I know there are haven bags, but you will never get ideal conditions and you gain no exp, wakfu, or stasis.

Heres what I ask, are there places to plant crops on these islands that I just cant seem to find?

If not I suggest an added ability once you hit level 60 or something farmer which allows you to "cultivate the land". You can turn any square (or possibly just special squares kind of like where trees are planted) into a farm square. I had 2 idea on how this would work.
1. It will stay this way for 5 minutes if nothing is planted in it then revert back to a normal square. If something is planted it will stay for up to 30 minutes or something.
2. The ability to "cultivate" will be instant cast.
Of course there would be limits to how many squares can be cultivated just like how there is a limit to how many objects can be in an area before the game stops you and tells you it is full.

Im not sure if this should go in ecosystem or suggestions, so feel free to move this if I placed it in the wrong section.
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