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Planting Problem + Too Much Destruction

By June 13, 2013, 20:02:58
I joined Wakfu like 2 days ago and I noticed that I can not plant any animals outside of Inkarman. I double-click on the seed, and a shovel shows up but with an x under it. So can I fix that somehow or what?

I also noticed that (usually) outside Inkarman other players kill creatures without even collecting there seeds. That is good... for me. I get more exp, but also the population is a lot smaller!

Thanks and rock on! biggrin
Can someone tell me how to get some rarer actions, such as: Flirt, Beg,... I searched the Forum and the Wakfu Wiki, but I can't find it. fire
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Some mobs / plants can only be planted in certain areas, I assume you're trying to plant gobballs from Incarnam? Unfortunately, that wont work unless your in the incarnum gobball zone. Not all places are like this, you can plant piwis in astrub and also the nation villages.

I think the astrub mob population takes care of itself - they reproduce on their own without the needs of player interaction. Again, places outside of astrub are unlike this (with 1 or 2 exceptions) - if you dont replant mobs, they fall below the designated levels and the clan member becomes upset.

The rarer emotes can be found in hidden chests across the world of 12. There are some hidden in astrub. But as far as I know, 2 of the 3 are broken. You can also buy them from the boutique and as a rare drop from mobs.
heres a list of the emotes available in game and where to find them
Click here

I'll save you the heartache now. You wont be able to do anything outside of astrub unless you sub. Thats right - all content (except 1 or 2 dungeons) over level 10 will not be available to you unless you sub. So much for free to play..

Anyway, wish you the best of luck and have fun ^^
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