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A small rant about WAKFU vs STASIS, the unfairness

By Sonnilion May 24, 2013, 00:52:02
Wakfu and stasis is a balance, yes I know. Growing vs taking. One cannot exist without the other.

But those who choose to grow have a much harder time. It is much more difficult to get wakfu up to 99%, and we LOSE seeds by growing. And if we want any resources, we have to cut down our own stuff. And when I want to fix up a depleted environment, it just feels like I am feeding people who don't deserve it. I am just giving away my time to people who will never think to regrow a single thing.

Then those who always take, the stasis goers, they just take and expect others to grow for them. It is so much easier of a life, but very disgusting. For those who think its cool and dark and edgy to be of 'darkness' ooh stasis and destruction is so dark and awesome, NO, you are just being a nuisance. Like ugly little flea poo.

I personally believe those who go for the path of WAKFU and keeping the environment in check need something extra than just 'increase growth speed' or 'increase chance of growth' buff, because both of these ultimately will only lead to feeding selfish people, but does not immediately benefit the user himself. Whereas those with stasis get buffs for taking things. Which is extremely beneficial to them immediately, as well as encouraging them to wipe things out even faster than they did before.

In summary
Wakfu path
-more difficult and time consuming
-more difficult to gain any resource benefit
-lose seeds while growing, as well as time
-buffs are only growing speed and growing %. Beneficial for others to take more.
-taking resources will hinder wakfu growth. Difficult. And we all need resources.

Stasis path
-rely on the work of wakfu.
-take all the work from wakfu
-immediate resource gain.
-immediate stasis growth.
-buffs to take things even faster and more. Very beneficial to player instantly.
-has a very cool island. it looks so different and freaking amazing. Which will attract people to just go the easy stasis path even more.

PEOPLE WHO GROW AND SUPPORT WAKFU NEED SUPPORT. :'( or else a lot of us will just stop giving a **** and everyone will find it more difficult to find things they need.
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Doing the right thing is its own reward. I don't give keys to groupmates I expect them to pay me, I don't show people where to find hidden emotes because I expect them to show me a secret in return, and when I plant five hundred orchids in an area I don't expect everyone to run up and tell me I've done a good job. I feel good about it.

In real life, no one pats you on the back for picking up trash or donating books to the library or anything. I don't think Wakfu should either. People who only do good things because they are being bribed to do them are not doing them for the right reason. I would rather have one person doing good because their heart is in it than a hundred doing good because they expect a reward.

Stasis players do what they do because they don't care, or because they are roleplaying a character. In the case of the former, that's their prerogative. I wish they felt bad for only taking and never leaving, but it's up to them how to play this game for themselves. This doesn't mean I don't think that other players shouldn't step in and stop them or give them a talking to. It means that I think it's their choice, just like Wakfu can be the choice of others.
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garden haven gems: making the wakfu buff worthwhile and protecting the efforts used to plant and cultivate and area
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Recently there was a dev discussing the eco-systems.

First, we will reduce the following times:
  • Seeds gathering: 2 seconds
  • Planting seeds: 2 seconds
  • Mob spawn: 20 seconds
Full post here.

If they increase the growth speeds it should hopefully take the pressure off the wakfu players.

I agree there should more incentives for Wakfu, as the Stasis island gives you +20% harvesting speed (I believe, if it works). I would also add Wakfu and Stasis need a direct impact on gameplay.

There has already been many suggestion on Wakfu and Stasis alignments, my favourite one being wakfu/stasis auras.
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