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Nox- No nettles to be found.

By Sonnilion May 10, 2013, 18:09:33
Cannot find them here nor there,

I cannot find them anywhere.

Anyone got pointers? Or seeds?
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There was a large patch of them in Holey Forest, I added some orchids and dendrons around them recently. They were southwest of the clan member (his name escapes me at the moment). I hope someone didn't take all of them.

If they did take all of them, you can get a hold of me as I have a few nettles in my haven bag and can give you some seeds no problem. My character with the nettles' name is Réveil but you can also get a hold of me playing as Wasgo or Ellevole. I'll try to find you.

EDIT: I popped over to Holey Forest in Amakna and the place is littered with nettles. You should head over there and get all the seeds you can.
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Oh excellent!

I actually did check holey forest. Twice. Two big rounds all up the mountains and down at the base. @[email protected]

Maybe I missed the particular area they were in.

When I find them I will re-establish more populations in different areas to make them more accessible/common to everyone.
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I may have left some planted out at shudoku's kingdom southwest of zapp. I can help you with some tomorrow afternoon if not. I have some seeds. Look for patek-phillipe. I'm off to bed tonight.
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I planted a whole bunch the other night in Jumping Jungle. I haven't checked back to see if they are still there.
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