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Is there any punishment system for people who TAKE and never GROW?

By Sonnilion May 04, 2013, 09:14:30
I am pretty sure there are tons of threads just like this but...

It really, REALLY pisses me off when I use a lot of my time to regrow the flora and fauna that inhabit the different maps, and leave a lot left for other people to utilize, then someone comes along and wipes it all out without a second thought. Not even ONE regrow. Not one pathetic little regrow.

For example, there is a map completely, 100% void of trees. I decide to plant the entire map with hazlenut, as that is always in demand. I hope that people come in and think "oh! Someone took the time to plant these. Il take what I need and replant some for other people to use, and to keep the map the way it is."

But it always seems to be "Oh look what someone else planted all for me!"

There HAS to be some sort of punishment system for people who do this. Is there? If there is a law that can be enforced for this, I would love to get into it and set up that system.

Please people, you share this game with other people, and everyone else other than you also uses this ecosystem.

Then again, those who take things all for themselves will probably never bother to read this thread.

I am also curious as to what power the ecosystem section of the government has. I am new to this game so i am clueless.
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Sorry in advance for the length of this post.

The government can put certain crops/plants/trees under protection combined with I believe it is the eco-terrorism law which if you destroy then gives you -3 citizen points.

The real answer is nothing, unless someone guards and protects the area non stop.
Myself and many others have put in many hours for the eco-systems for it only to be destroyed by other. Unfortunaly the people destroying stuff usually exceeds the people planting or working on it.
People then often blame the government for such things, people who destroy stuff in other nations are also cool people.

I am the leader of an eco-guild typical if I see anyone doing anything to the eco-system I attack first and ask question later as a long time player this approach sometimes works. As very often trying to talk to people ends up like this
"Hi, I planted this entire area I am trying to level my profession using only seeds so I need everything full grown, I can give you some seeds if you like?"
Ignore or "Hi, sorry I do not have time, I just need 500 cut/destroyed resources then I will go"
"ok, how about you use one area and re-plant after yourself"
Surprise they destroyed everyone and didn't replant.

Sometimes the person may be reasonable and say I need a few cutting or some wood etc.
Sometimes they will say I only need some wood then destroyed your whole area the second you back in turned this happened to me on Wednesday I had also explained I was using a mea cupla and if they came back tomorrow they would be more than welcome to the trees. Super luck for them I actually out levelled the trees they destroyed and moved onto to higher stuff, as I didn't follow the golden rule of killing people who destroy the eco-system silly me .

Also for the record many of the players I have attacked over the eco-systems have later become my friend because at the point of conflict we simply didn't understand each other, as people ignored the "STOP DESTROYING NOW!!" request.

Tips if they say the words "I do not have time" gang them hell out of them this statement means they are ignorant beyond belief.

If you think you will rage quit the game get a massive garden gem that helps big time.

Of course you may want to take a more easy-going approach biggrin, but that's my views as a eco-warrior who started from day one of the game. I have left out answer "Why do people not replant" as you could argue about the man possible reason for a long time, in my book they are noobs thats the reason.

I hope this has helped

JerryDB (Guild Leader of Rage Against the Stasis)
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I, personally, advocate getting aggressive if you can confirm that a player is eco-terrorizing. I have attacked and killed several people I have caught eradicating trees. I usually just give a warning along the lines of, "please replant" if I ever see someone harvesting a lot without taking cuttings or seeds.

That said, I did make a huge mistake once and jump to conclusions, and I once attacked someone thinking they were the eco terrorist while the real one got away. Fortunately they beat me instead of me beating them, and I later apologized (but didn't hear back from them and so do not know if they heard my apology). It bothers me greatly that I made such a terrible mistake and I plan to make it up to this person if I see them again by giving them a Makabra item or something. It's the kind of thing that weighs on a person heavily... I think in games sometimes it is all to easy to forget that there is another person sitting at their computer and that their character isn't just part of the game.

In that sense, I think that eco-terrorists make the same mistake that I did. They forget that everyone else there, that the world isn't only for them it's for everyone.

I will continue to monitor this thread since it looks like it may be of assistance for me in writing my Counter-Eco-Terrorism guide.
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