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Got an idead for the Wakfu's Ecosystem.

By MultiMarc13 April 22, 2013, 23:52:01
Don't know if there's an appropriate place to create this kind of thread, but i got an idead and my friend thought it was good, so here i am.

It's simple, the more you plant trees and crops on soil it tends to get worse and worse, and so does the percentage of successful planting. It's like descrutcion of the environment by escessive planting, the plants take away the resources of the soil.
To make the soil become good again, players need to bury something, like bones, dung etc.

Maybe it's a really stupid idea, but it's worth the try.
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Fertilizing ground would be a good mechanic if they were going for more realism (so would crop rotation in my opinion) but while I think that this would be good for a realistic game, it's already enough of a chore to maintain an ecosystem and grow crops without having to "fix" the dirt.
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Not stupid at all, I like your concept and I would like to see this implemented in-game.

As one of the answers says on at least one of the procession tests (lumberjack I think); plants and crops can only grow on certain soils. The original goal for Wakfu was to have players impact the world and 'repair' it. Having soils that slowly degrade would help to give a feel that you are actually leaving an impact (as I feel with the current ecosystem machanic isn't the case).

With stronger fertilizers that raise the percentage more than others, it could also be turned into a bit of an opportunity to get into the trade and sell/exchange fertilizer.

I agree with AlisonRobin that it will be more of a chore, but as long as soils only degrade slowly over time (like 1% every hundred plants/crops, etc), it won't be too much of an issue.
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