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Newbie Areas

By kaiser1777 April 02, 2013, 05:54:35

I'm new here like very new, about a week or so and I really like the game where you can affect the ecosystem and everything.

But I find it hard to find certain resources, particularly for herbalists. I can't find a single Thistle in Amakna's village, Farlie Prairie, or even Hugo's Meadow. The best I could find are Wild Mints which is lvl 20.

Is there anyone at all that keeps an eye out for newbie areas, such as Amakna's Village in Amakna?

The piwis there are negative counted but I know they respawn regardless of what the ecosystem thinks.

I think it's high time for someone to look out for newbies, particularly the resources.
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What server do you play on? On Nox, I find it relatively easy to find patches of thistle in Amakna--especially Fertile Prairie though Farle's Field and Gobballfield Country, maybe even Hugo's Meadow, and there seems to be trouble with the Piwis in a few places right now.
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And Fertile Prairie is full of of Wild Mints.
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Well, Remington isn't the same as Nox, but most of the time when I find Thistle, it's in smaller patches. Just look for it when you run around and gets seeds when you can.
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I got some seeds from my guild leader.

Now i'm replanting them back in Prairie.

Now... Flax Flowerssleep 
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