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An incident

By Adeiros August 29, 2012, 18:24:11
Last night. (28.8.2012 on GMT+0) There was an Incident at Gobblard boulevard of brakmar. Some of you might know what I'm referring to.

Victim J was aggressed (aggroed if you prefer) and killed by a group of players. However, what even those of you who know what I'm referring to, most likely do not know the big picture.

This whole incident started an hour or so earlier, by another incident. Fhil, governor of brakmar, was giving a speech of sort to some members of Fire Academy on Gobblard boulevard. This was interrupted by a brakmarian person we'll be referring to as source P, Who came around and started bad mouthing and calling Fhil and the rest on scene names. Fhil reacted in the correct way, he ignored source P and Me and another person tried to calm the listeners too. Unsuccesfully. One of the listeners couldn't take it and aggressed and killed source P, yes, not a wise thing, but alas, it's hard for some to keep their cool in such a situation.

After source P was killed he continued his insults as a grave and called another brakmarian person from his guild to join him on these actions. We'll be referring to him as source R. So, sources P & R continued their combined insults, crude as they were. Some of us were still trying to calm the listeners, but they'd had it. Along with the brakmarians aggroing source R, there was a bontarian who had gotten sick of listening to those two also. Thus, source R was also killed. Fhil, went on his way, ignoring them and talking and then started a small event for those there. We thought the case was over. We thought wrong.

While Fhil was hosting his event, Sources P & R called Some bontarian brasilians from brotherhood, telling them that they'd been aggroed just because they're brasilian. Blinded by rage and wishing to avenge the wrong doings, the brotherhood members gathered a group and invaded Gobblard boulevard and aggressed and killed victim J who had nothing to do with the previous situation. And now, we've reached the part that most people think it began from.

After this, brakmarians started flooding gobblard to avenge victim J, while the people that were picked from brotherhood didn't speak english, apparently at all, they couldn't understand when we we're trying to learn about the whole situation. Fights started. There was a huge war mind set, hate for bonta and brasilians. And during all this time, sources P & R were right there, laughing at all of us and they got away without anybody even realising it was them who caused it all. I had my suspicions when I noticed they were there, but without any proof, it would have been useless to try to make everyone realise the truth. Fhil was doing his best to calm the situation down, however, he wasn't very successful because of the uproar. After some time, the mob was broken down, without an army rushing to bonta to kill everyone there.

Myself, I went to bed, still wondering whether or not I was over thinking things or not. In the meantime, as I found out, Fhil was working hard, gathering information about what REALLY happened. After my night of sleep, I got online to talk with Fhil about what happened, since I wanted to tell him my theory. I was greeted by Fhil who told me how the situation played out, surprisingly it was like I thought.

For those of you not involved, I sincerely hope you manage to avoid nasty situations like this, For those involved, I hope you won't be sharing the names I have censored, I also hope you'll try to understand the situation in as a whole. And now, you know the big picture. I rest my case and hope we manage to avoid such cases in the future.

I'm not posting this to raise some sort of conversation or commentary, I'm doing it because I figured this is the simplest way to reach all the players involved. What I wish for you to understand is, that there were two people responsible, and only them, and they got away.

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is this J person is the same J person as i thought? or is this another J? and who is this smart A&B! need to learn so much from em! and yeah! P n R clearly is the protagonist here, i can sense their slick, tricky yet efficient effort come into fruit, and how was the score?
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Personally id still like to see guards at gob zap keeping watch for certain players.. Not just because of yesterdays events but for general safety theres a lot of agroing happening lately on our market's.
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Could you contact a mod and talk about this, racisim is not allowed in is game.
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J = JB ??
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Spazturtle|2012-08-30 01:16:06
Could you contact a mod and talk about this, racisim is not allowed in is game.
I know the message is a bit long, but try to read it thoroughly. There was no racism, it was only used as an excuse by sources P&R to trick the brotherhood members in question to launch a small attack.

gmatahari|2012-08-30 02:55:30
J = JB ??
I'm not revealing the names unless the people in question want to be named, those on scene should know who I'm referring to.But I also ask them not to reveal the names, unless it's their own name being hidden.
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Sounds like a new chapter of Deathnote what with all the abbreviations, can I buy it?
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Hello everyone, I am a member of the Brotherhood, and we are already aware of the incident, we will take action against it, not to occur again. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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