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Amakna Government

By giooseppe June 12, 2012, 01:24:16
Hello, I'm a feca called Aestus and the new Amakna governor.

I'm playing this game for over a year now, but I had a different nickname from the current one, so some of you may not know me, I know the needs and duties to make our nation grow.

So now I will list my proposals as governor:

Market and others:

- As usual, but not least, it is worth emphasizing the value of each nation's market, it would mean a lot if each citizen put something for sale everyday, even with the minimum fee. At this point in the game would be really difficult to overcome other markets, because the main market and grinding spots have already been defined. It would be a measure to our nation become stabilized.

- About the workshops, I'd like to thank my great friend Jannetfenix and everybody that helped us, cause now amakna doesn't have any of those damaged.


- I would like to form an Army for Amakna, which will be called ARMYKNA! I'd like every citizen with the guard or soldier status would look for me, Nanners (Head Guard) or Carulina (Army General) so we can make our army. Everybody that commit will have his/her name written and would be needed on war times.

- Wars are usually on weekends, but not for too much time, so I'd like to talk with other governors about weekly wars at a fixed schedule. So all the players would know the exactly time when nations are at war and would get used to it.


Governor: Aestus, Guild: Checkmate
Vice Governor: Adranath, Guild: Legion
Head Guard: Nanners, Guild: Mystic
Army General: Carulina, Guild: Legion
Weather Engineer: Jubxx, Guild: Checkmate
Treasurer: Gobz, Guild: Legion
Challenger: Ninfeta, Guild: Checkmate
Ecologist: Jannetfenix, Guild: Legion

Last but not least, If you have any suggestion, doubts or criticism about any subject post here or look for me or Adranath in game, i'll try to be available as much as possible. I thank all of you and have a nice day.
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