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EAT YOUR SLAP - PvP event sugg

By RyoChazaam - MEMBER - May 28, 2014, 06:10:18
"So you thought you knew how to PVP? Huh...
Guess what... you'r not even close.

The first slap I got was at lvl 5 (one shot kill by a DragOsa slap), it got me shocked for live. I got so mad that I swore to never lose a fight again after being slapped. Since that day, It's plain simple, I can't even remember losing in pvp again, not even once.

Impressive, Heh...

Let me tell you, I slapped a gobbal when I was young and he got tamed that instant. He is still by my side here.
Slap first, say hello later and you will understand the krosmoz!

Even Goultard could not slap me twice in a turn without consequences. Yeah, one of my greatest fights. Unfortunately our pvp contest got cancelled because of water flood. Pff!!. Annoying Ogrest.

So....anyway, you wanted what... my secret?

I like your style, brat.

Bring me your teamates and tell them I got Kamas instead.
It's time to learn how to slap with MY RULES in a real TACTICAL PVP."

- - - - - - -

Did you recognise the king of gobbal (in krosmaster arena)
Yeah, you guessed right, I am really bored =D

What is suprising is that in wakfu people don't create anything anymore which is a pity (Guess whose fault is it).
Anyway, this my way of saying we can create new thing in wakfu.
Those are some new rules for a pvp event.

If you like it say it, use it, change it, put a ring on it.
If someone can do an even better introduction, you can post it too. I am not really into roleplaying tho.

In fact Im not even playing wakfu, l just like giving suggestions. smile

Last, not least I'm not even english native speaker.
I hope I am in the right place for suggestions, haha.
- - - - - - -

Introduction is over, now the rules:
(Feel free to add anything you want to make it fun and awesome).

In my point of vue it's for 2vs2 up to 4vs4. I think 6vs6 will be borring for this game.

:tap:Official name : Eat Your Slap: the game
(watch out!! Iops are said to be very good at this game XD)

Rule n°1: You have to slap you ennemy (you will understand why after).
The only way you have to use slap emote is to remove all your weapons. Using your fist. If I remenber well we can still have one dagger or one shield but not sure.
You slap when want to, you use you skills/spells when you want to.
Your aim is to reach the number of slaps or to kill everyone.
Example : the winning team isthe first one to reach 15points.
Just keep in mind 'Fist' (slapping) cost 3 AP.

Rule n°2: The equipment allowed is hat, boots, rings, necklace and weapons.
This is not suppose to be the same old boring pvp contest wich we already how to win.

Rule n°3: costumes are out of question, but you can use pets and relics. You can use any invocations(osa,sadida,..). I guess it won't be overpowerred and it definitly doesn't change the fact that you can lose easily.

Rule n°4: You need at least two referees to follow the match because it can be very hard to follow.
Each time you use the fist(slap) it count as one point.
You have to reach the number of point.
It double the number of points if you kill an opponent. Example.. you kill player B who has been slapped 3 times. Instead of 3 points you have now 6 points.

Rule n°5
Game ends when all your opponents die.
The winner is the team that get the higher number of slaps into account. (not necessarily the surviving team).

Annd this is it!
I can't say yet if it's playable because I never played this tongue.
It could be great to see someone improvise an (almost official) event with it, like the french guy did not so long ago.

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