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For those who are confused choosing nations.... Some tips

By nishantjung July 26, 2013, 04:15:51
As in my class choosing suggestion,
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This time I would want to give the players who are confused to choose nations or want to change into another..... Especially for newbies..... happy ......

1. The 4 Wakfu nations are diverse as always said, in the ecology, the terrain, the clan members..... Everything almost....... So at first just check out which one would you feel comfortable with.....
Amakna? Bonta? Brakmar? or Sufokia?

2. Never ever, dislike any nations.... I like all nations for each and every of their aspects..... For me its the ecology and landscapes.... *laughs*..... Anyhow, you must show interest on all nations, ecology and its resources...... Then you will get motivated to do so.....

3. Well anyhow, there aren't many tips for you guys but always remember these main ones.......

Thank you,
(choose nicely, be happy)
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Every nation has its own small bonuses,

Amakna gives 15% extra earth dmg and 5% extra farmer exp
Bonta gives 15% extra air dmg and 5% extra lumberjack exp
Sufokia gives 15% extra water dmg and 5% extra fisherman exp
Brakmar gives 15% extra fire dmg and 5% extra miner exp 
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........... Thanks for adding it..... *sighs*.... * I knew right*.......
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Thanks guys, this was actually what I was looking for and incredibly helpful. happy 
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Well, it actually isn't like this anymore.
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Eddiedude|2014-10-10 02:07:23
Well, it actually isn't like this anymore.

Thats been my eternal difficulty in finding information on this game...
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Elemental bonuses are the same now however the craft bonus is still different
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