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Remington. Soviet Union guild vs Unknowns guild

By Medve-Tay June 19, 2013, 13:49:37
Dear Remington gamers,

to pin a label (ecoterrorist=russian guy) is stupid. so if u see SU member harvesting something it doesn't mean, he\she won't replant it.

everyone can extract ore in mines.

if u agro 1 SU member, u should know, that u agro whole SU guild.

Unknowns guild, presented by current governor of Brakmar wulfric balrog,
i cant find u online but want to inform: u want war? - u will get it. but let me know if u stop killing our members in mines and agro russian players (ecoterrorism false accusation, cause u have already broke all the ecosystem). until then we gonna agro Unknowns guild members.
if u want just mass PvP, let's have fun, we can arrange about time and place.

Soviet Union guild GM.
have a question? - feel free to ask. Lets do this world better.
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Try to make an ambush at 5th Bond Avenue. He's usually there.
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