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Yet another WTB thread

By Tragrim - MEMBER - December 04, 2012, 07:58:12
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Zadistforlife|2013-02-16 01:58:09
Jannet-fenix|2013-02-16 00:14:57Sorted out Cloudy Cotton, I am eager to sell pair of boowish pads, bum sack, two pairs of Boowolf boots (Imperial boots ingredient) and Respec matts from Brakmar (scara horns and Chafer bones).

Buying nuckle bows instead.

Can you please go and make your own thread o.O?

@ Mono, will try and catch you in game!
Sure, like always wink 
la bump
I have Strawcrow Cloaks for you smile
Cloudy cotton.. where art thou?!
I have some Cloaks and Fudge.
This time I have Fudge and Cloaks :] 
tongue bump.
I have some cloaks.
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