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WTB mats

By Tragrim - MEMBER - October 12, 2012, 11:21:51
Currently looking to level my profs a bit before this new revamp comes along (which will probably make all of this pointless knowing my luck).

Anyways, looking to buy the following;

- Boowolf Skins 2:10
- Wholesome Zinc 5:10
- Grainy Manganese 5:10? Unsure
- Boowolf Hairs 5:10
- Rat Moustache 4:10
- Old Rat Hair 4:10
- Crobak Beak 5:10
- Flax Flower 3:10
- Larva Skin 3:10
- Corn 4:10
- Basic string 4:10

Also looking to trade the my kamas for your Lead + Mang (so the 6 kama craft).


Prices aren't set in stone.

Would prefer in bulk or at least stacks of 100 (just makes the math a bit better).

IGN is The Sadist, feel free to send me a message and we can discuss pricing and whatnot.
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Dendron flowers, why is nobody selling 9000 of you?!

Bump, looking for Booskins as well.
i got stuff for sale, pm me, NINGUEM
Seriously, how does NOBODY have anything /sadness.
la bump
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