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WTB Justice Breastplate? is this stuff exist?

By bambee - MEMBER (+) - August 01, 2012, 04:38:47
WTB Justice Breastplate? i dont really know if this thing even exist since, ive killed a lot of dreler, dreler mom, dreler dad, granny dreler, even dreler cub and i got nothing but '-'

Perfect Shadowed Amu, okay..this one, dont go hard on me, as you see, im a sufokian, you know that necropolis? we struggle enough every single day by mining salt and selling fish

Perfect Mine Helmet, this will help me alot even if i dont have a decent chance to beat wb even in my own dear country.

PM me
Cheers smile 
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Yes they do exist but the hearts are extremely hard to drop, I know 3 which are in the server (i have one) so it would be extremely hard to get one. It takes about 8+ hours of spamming dr hellers to drop one heart (with enu full pp set).
what kind of sorcery is this...

so, quick question, does the little dreler also can drop the heart? then it takes a serious amount of hardwork to make it into a breastplate... mother of dreler..
Only Adult Drheller drop the heart.

To find a Adult Drheller require luck, and even harder to drop heart from it.

good luck.
I have a justice breastplate for which I farmed all the mats myself.

Like Nanners said, the 8 hours of farming per heart seems fair if you have a super pp set going, it took me 3 weeks grinding drhellers adults with with a 110pp set dropping a heart every 10 plus hours. (Eventually bought my last heart I needed on market, lucky me)

I might be willing to sell mine depending on price, I practically don't play anymore and thus don't really have a use for this item anymore.

Inbox me if you are interested.

IGN: Befokker
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