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WTB Justice Breastplate? is this stuff exist?

By bambee - MEMBER (+) - August 01, 2012, 04:38:47
WTB Justice Breastplate? i dont really know if this thing even exist since, ive killed a lot of dreler, dreler mom, dreler dad, granny dreler, even dreler cub and i got nothing but '-'

Perfect Shadowed Amu, okay..this one, dont go hard on me, as you see, im a sufokian, you know that necropolis? we struggle enough every single day by mining salt and selling fish

Perfect Mine Helmet, this will help me alot even if i dont have a decent chance to beat wb even in my own dear country.

PM me
Cheers smile 
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Yes they do exist but the hearts are extremely hard to drop, I know 3 which are in the server (i have one) so it would be extremely hard to get one. It takes about 8+ hours of spamming dr hellers to drop one heart (with enu full pp set).
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what kind of sorcery is this...

so, quick question, does the little dreler also can drop the heart? then it takes a serious amount of hardwork to make it into a breastplate... mother of dreler..
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Only Adult Drheller drop the heart.

To find a Adult Drheller require luck, and even harder to drop heart from it.

good luck.
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I have a justice breastplate for which I farmed all the mats myself.

Like Nanners said, the 8 hours of farming per heart seems fair if you have a super pp set going, it took me 3 weeks grinding drhellers adults with with a 110pp set dropping a heart every 10 plus hours. (Eventually bought my last heart I needed on market, lucky me)

I might be willing to sell mine depending on price, I practically don't play anymore and thus don't really have a use for this item anymore.

Inbox me if you are interested.

IGN: Befokker
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