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Gobbsage Set

By 4chieve May 15, 2012, 01:08:34

Is this set available in the game? I suppose you can drop on Gobbsage, then you need to pay 500K just to have the chance to drop it then?

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Not in game yet, and not drop from gobbsage.

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not yet ?
i see 3-4 full gobbasage set :] 

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i farm gobbsage all time and have a lot of gobbsage items, so i change it for tofu set plz

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KingozZ|2012-05-15 06:12:11
i farm gobbsage all time and have a lot of gobbsage items, so i change it for tofu set plz

Sometimes i find sarcasm hard to identify even in person!
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ok this is bs
ankama come on realy
do you think that enyone else could even have a chance to see gobbsage
than those big lvl big guilds that are camping with their alts and waiting the gobbsage spawn
it will die 1 minute after spawn
so its nothing new from you guys
new content that nobody will see

so this is what i have been thinking (READ Troyle)

what if you guys would make a place that will have the world bosses like gobbsage
like (house of gobbsage) or something dosent even have to be a house
like you could have to make somekind a offering to fight him
and make the offering something that is hard to get
then its hard but still acsessible for every one
not just those who camps the s... out of the place
this game should be more open like for EVERYONE
please make this better
i think there has been too many people already whine abaut this
so what if you would listen
sorry to be so aggressive
but i belive you understand

and im very very sorry abaut my writing and my writing skills

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This isn't true, i don't stayin a big guild and have fight Vs gobbsage 2 time.

I need just gobbsage string andmy set is full XD.

The system WB is bad but not true only big guild can kill.

Only nerd can kill, peaple with work, family can't fight aganist WB.

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