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birch and boabob extinct on remmington?

By DarkAmyClone - MEMBER - February 20, 2020, 18:57:45

if anyone has some cuttings i just need one of each and ill repopulate the area T_T i cant even find any bags of ppl selling them i got the kamas! seriously i know im still pretty noob but im so proud to have gotten this far and now i cant find what i need to keep lvling up TT_TT  any help would be muchly appreciated 


after 2 hours of shuffling thru ppl's haven bags (and waaay too much looking around) i found one selling an almost complete roaster of cuttings for lvl 0 to like 120 so thanx mr. pandago just behind the nations board of astrub! wished i looked in astrub before i checked all of amakna (were the tree is native) so while i feel dumb i hope this helps anyone looking this up in 2020 ^.^ (also i'm always down to make new friends! so hit me up and let's chase some achievements! completionists for the win XD lol) 

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Most of the "ancient wanderers" of "The World of 12" have become so accustomed to species going extinct "in the wild" that keeping a haven-bag chest drawer labeled: "Seeds & Saplings" has become standard practice.    Finding someone with the species you need in a sales-window can be a bit of a search though - broadcasting an inquiry on the "trade" chat-channel might also help.   biggrin

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Me and my bf have all cuttings and all of the herbalist seeds. We are working on farmer and trapper seeds.
You can contact me either here on the forums or Mystique on Remington, I check these forums almost daily.

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