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J'achète un Fragment de Dofus Ebene / I wanted to buy an Ebony Dofus Fragment On Remington Server

By lesKwaduPiou - MEMBER - February 16, 2020, 02:11:37

Hello Guys,

I'am Looking to buy an Ebony Dofus Fragment on the Remington Server. 20M

Salut tout le monde, Je joue actuellement sur le serveur Remington et cherche a acheter un Fragment de dofus Ebene a 20M

Si vous vendez le votre, Veuillez me Mp a mon pseudo en jeu : Cleared

If you sell yours, You can Pm me at my character name : Cleared

If Im Not connected in game feel free to put a Commentary to this post

Merci a vous et bon Jeu / Thanks and have a nice Game

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