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B>> Conversion Stones pm me

By UnderworldAce - MEMBER - February 03, 2020, 08:19:47


I need to buy conversion stones, Remington server
The reason for publishing it here is because there is no way to contact any player to negotiate the price of their conversion stones. I have seen that the stone has been increasing its price little by little and I really do not want to pay so much, it started at 3m9 / 3m8 / 3m7 and it was a good price but now they are almost 6M and the truth is quite expensive, I fully know that this is because of the supply / demand.
And if it is forbidden to create such themes, let me know and I will remove it.
Contact me directly "HollowBlade" 
or in discord UnderworldAce#8565

Have a nice day

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im selling it
just look on  the market, it'll be there for 5,900,000 kamas

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hi bro smile
if we can make it at 5M500K kama please let me know smile i always buy conversion stones anyway

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