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Old noob returning. Where am i suppose to buy and sell gear these days?

By MordyMate - MEMBER - January 17, 2020, 09:36:55

Aside from the entire map being changed and me not knowing whats where. The markets are just empty? like i used to spend so much time just buying and selling stuff haha it was fun, and i was always getting good gear ready for when i hit those levels, now i cant find anything i need, to be honest i dont even know what gear i should be getting these days. also like transmute stones? what happened to them haha i have gear i need in different elements but now idk how to change em

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Welcome back to wakfu!
The most active market on remington is the one at Kelba, then the ones at nations, You can check those markets with the maps.
Als is a big thing now so you might have to keep those low level gears instead of throwing them out, There is demand for items in certain level ranges which you can utilize. 
For transmutations, you can either drop them from dungeon boss rooms or craft them with handyman profession.

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Join a guild with HW and use the Private Market from there, you could access from Kelba as well but it is freaking far from the zaap.

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