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WTT Kama for Items from the Battlefield rewards chests

By BlackJosh2415 - MEMBER - January 14, 2020, 17:59:22

I need 2 items from the battlefields rewards chest, only buyable with Orbs from Battlefields i would play it myself more, but i live in Australia and they only start at midnight for me, so it can be a bit hard to get much, unless i do some late nights and early mornings just to grind, which is a bit hard for me atm

Anyway the items i need are 2 Rings : The Foremast and the Zerd
it costs 2800 Glory orbs and you need to be rank 6 in pvp to purchase
the average price for Foremast is 1.2mK
and Zerd is 500kK
im happy to pay an EXTRA 250kK for each item 
so 1.5mk for foremast, and 750kk for Zerd

reply below if you can help me with this
My IGN is Black's Blood, but probably better to just reply below, if you are interested 

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