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WTB LVL 170 Gear

By BlackJosh2415 - MEMBER - January 12, 2020, 18:21:22

Recently got back into Wakfu, and have leveled up a fair bit since i last properly upgraded my armour, so im looking replace all my gear
The items i need are

- Mastmet
- Claw Amulet
- Foremast Ring
- Zerd Ring
- Lucloak
- Skull-splitter Epaulettes
- Trance Belt
- Glaff (one-handed weapon)
- Elite Riktus Shield
- Black Crow Emblem

In either Mythical or Legendary quality please, preferably Legendary
My IGN is Black's Blood, i live in Australia so because of time zones it might be hard to find me in game, but if you message me or comment below i'll be sure to reply =) 

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