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WTB Tayup, Gnaw, I Scream Spoon, Level 140 gear

By Drakenite234 - MEMBER - October 02, 2019, 00:43:09

Tayup = belt, Gnaw = ring, hoplites = epaulettes, Otomai Initiate Breastplate

please send me a direct message on discord Drakenite#9606 

or you can reply here, thanks!

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I have 1 legendary old lenald kimono but I don't remember with how many slots soo base price 300k for 1 slot + 50 k for any additional slot if you are interested

same for luffas and hoplites with base 400k
I think I have I scream spoon as well with base of 200k and 25k per additional slots

All legendary

I am usually ingame around 17:00 - 18:00 server time
Name: Shpeka

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