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By Rejny - MEMBER - August 27, 2019, 18:01:49

Pm Bio-Rejny or Eldrop.

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Greetings Rejny, 

I'm an Élbor server player trying to acquire one of the four Nation's documents, specifically the Brakmar one. I've passed the Abandoned Scarapit dungeon at Brakmar, being modulated in Stasis 41 and sometimes showed up the mimic nation when I defeated a mob. The question is if I have to do something else to drop that document when the mimic appear. It's so many times doing that dungeon and sincerely it's maddening to do it over, over and over again. That's why I ask you for help, any tip you could give me it would be more than great. 

​Thank you very much.
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Same problem here. A guildie explained to me that the higher the stasis the better chance you have to get the blueprint (that's apart of your chance to encounter the nation mimic)
He also explained that you don't need anything else since he has most of the recepies (if not all) but only 1 of the achievements for the rings.
There were some numbers like 1/50 chance of drop on stasis 21 and going better with better stasis but I am not really sure about the exact numbers
Hope that help and good luck

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