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Farmer for hire!

By realmugen - MEMBER - June 12, 2019, 13:52:09

Returning player here in need of some kamas.


Till I get my footing in the game I can farm you stuff

-Gathering jobs at max .... so anything in non sub areas
-Dungeons till Enurado ... I am out of practice for higher
-Crafting orders ... I have all jobs at 120 - 130 margin

So if you are interested post here
Server: Remington

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How can i contact you?

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just post here or call "Shpeka" ingame ... but here is most likely to make contact
I did not realize that I am using other account when I posted it ... sorry for that and thanks for the note


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Hello Shpeka, I tried to contact you in game when I was last on but you were not online, I don't know if you are still offering your services but I do have a list of items I would like you to acquire for me if possible.

-20 mussel shell (1% drop from kralove mobs)

-4 deadly horn (boss drop from kraloves dungeon)

-300 shard of flint (lvl 30 miner)

-300 rugged quartz (lvl 35 miner)

My in game character is called Kayjames, you could reply to this post with a quote of what you would be willing to do each of the items on the list for and if possible contact me in game, if you can't do it or charge too high I will get the items on my own

ok sorted thanks

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