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Relic Fragments

By -Echidna- - MEMBER - September 27, 2018, 18:15:33

As you may or may not know, there is a huge variant of relic fragments being sold on market by a certain individual that is placed in such a way that may cause misunderstanding/misjudgement. what I'm trying to achieve with this post is just to warn whoever is planning to purchase fragments from market.  make sure it is what you want, and that you'll get what you expect. Some people wasn't careful enough and spend their money on this fragments. These fragments are priced slightly lower than their full 100 bundle price, making it looks as if they are some cheap 100xpack relic. Be careful and check properly on the pack size and prize. I'd suggest you to just purchase them directly via trade.

P.S if you see my 1 piece fragments (Echidna Echi), don't buy them. I placed them there intentionally so that the seller won't purchase and monopolize the fragments

new frags not in screenshot:  Powerful Dazzling Belt, Lucloack, Dagger Sives, Belt of The Winds, etc.

this is still an ongoing problem up until now


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May be the Sram God's fraud plan on his mind spotted...

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This guy keeps adding new frags so beware
new frags:  Powerful Dazzling Belt, Lucloack, Dagger Sives, Belt of The Winds

some unfortunate soul still fell victim for this so i'll bring this up again to raise awareness.

There are multiple character that is selling these fragments btw.  it may or may not be the same person but be careful for them. one of them are also selling high lvl equip. whether the price is fair or not, be careful of them. (Can't say the name due to forum rules, but you can find them in game yourself)

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don't fall for this scheme and waste your kamas. just pay attention to what you are buying and double check before purchasing

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Sort by number of pack. x100 when looking for frags. That is the best method to avoid such scammers.

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how many kamas does this person have..

i mean all that post, some reach millions each frag, x100...

the tax alone is..


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wouldn't need tax in HW market.  which they may own

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