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WTS 200lvl Runed Tank-Melee Gear(The list has some extras which are good for high lvl)

By Rikkis-Alt - MEMBER - April 26, 2018, 12:21:12
ITEMS                                     Runes

Zinit Hat                              14-14-14 Melee

Cloagrippen                         10-10-10 Elem. Ress.

Helmpaulettes                    10-10 Elem Ress

Soft-Boiled Talisman          10-10 Elem Ress

Vampyric Breastplate          10-10-10 Elem. Ress

Erebelt                                    5-5 Willpower

Feldspar                                14-14 Melee

Ogrest Wrath                          10-10 ele mastery & Alternation

Easandals                                5-5-5 willpower

Emerald Dofus 

Also WTS some items below 200: 

Capellooni                           5-5-5 elem ress

Laughing Scythe               10-10-10 elem mastery 

And lots of other stuff!!!

OFFERS Accepted with KAMAS , ITEMS or BOTH   
The desired 2ndary  ST/Ress/crit/melee 

Contact me In-Game 
Rikki's Shadow 
Send me PM on Ankama Box or whatever is called xD 

Hail Riktus


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price of Erebelt?

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heyo Rikki im interest ^^ gougaloragran,nyad,sultane 

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