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WTB Leather Dealer prof Resources

By Woosa - MEMBER - January 23, 2018, 18:25:28

Hi, im looking for someone who can farm the items to lvl up this profesion.

I need the materials to craft the diferents "Leathers" you can check what i need here:

Just the items for Leathers, for example the first one, i need Larva Skin x5 and Gobball Skin x5

I think ill need like x50 eachone (larva and gobbal) and then x70 items for the lvl 10 leather, and then x90 for the lvl 20...

I have the kamas to pay each thing that you bring to me, i just dont have the time to farm that items, im doing main quest or farming for the gear, so if someone want to get some kamas you can help me.

Please dont msg here "ey dont be lazy and farm, bla bla"

If you have anyquestion or something just pm me here, or IGN: Koo Raki

Thanks for reading, hope you want to take this job !

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How much are you paying ?

Score : 388

depends on the lvl of the material, let me know what do u have and we can set a price

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