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WTB/WTS list + crafting service

By TestAccountDONOTKILL - MEMBER - June 01, 2017, 01:56:42

Canaveral Cape Blueprint
Passing Boots Blueprint
Primitive Bli-Birch Blueprint
Paradoxical Epaulettes Blueprint
Junc Tuous Blueprint
Suture Dagger

Crafting Services

All professions maxed.
All secure crafting stations available.
Hazieff helmet blueprint.
All exquisite tier blueprints.
All moon / mystical tier blueprints.
All eternal tier blueprints.

Many components and materials available if you're missing something.


Great Leaps to Ragorn (legendary)
White Quilt (mythical)
Trapper Belt (mythical)
Great Leaps to Ragorn (mythical)
Potanicloakery (mythical)
Baggy Ring (mythical)
Eye of Sor'Hon (mythical)
White Quilt (mythical)
Sor'Hombrero (mythical)

Badgerox Scalp Blueprint
Arcen Bow Blueprint
No-Smellier Blueprint
Shavield Blueprint

Minatsu Set (eternal tier dungeon box rewards)

Tropical Epaulettes (legendary)
Tropical Shirt (legendary)
Tropical Belt (legendary)
Despairdrilles (legendary)
Troprickly Ring (legendary)
Gauntnutts (legendary)
Thing Thongs (legendary)
Nutte Covering (legendary)
Round the Chest Nutt (legendary)
Thorny Epaulettes (legendary)
Nutt Cape (legendary)
Chopping Maul (legendary)
Sitton Defence (mythical)

Kannibal Mask (legendary)
Kanniball Shoes (legendary)
Kanniball Bracelet (legendary)
Talisman Djaro (legendary)
Kyper Belt (legendary)
Jinnun Tunic (legendary)
Reinforced Shoulderguards (legendary)
Shiver Ring (legendary)
Capelooni (legendary)
Looni Lid (legendary)
Gauntloonies (legendary)
Black Talisman (legendary)
Kevlooni Vest (legendary)

De Nyl Torso (legendary)
De Nyl Helmet (legendary)
De Nyl Boots (legendary)
De Nyl Amulet (legendary)
De Nyl Cape (legendary)
De Nyl Girdle (legendary)
De Nyl Tooth (legendary)
De Nyl Epaulettes (legendary)
Nyl Epaulettes (legendary)
Nyl Flag (legendary)
Nyl Shoes (legendary)
Nyl Belt (legendary)

Kannivore Cape (legendary)
Planty Plastron (legendary)
Tinker Belt (legendary)
Voracious Protection (legendary)
Voracious Boots (legendary)
Voracious Charm (legendary)
Voracious Cape (legendary)
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how much for eye of sor hon? 

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Finished collecting the exquisite tier blueprints so now I am CRAFTSMAN SUPREME.

Complete list of Exquisite blueprints:

1. Intemporal Dagger
2. Paradoxical Epaulettes
3. Canaveral Cape
4. Junc Tuous
5. Primitive Bli-Birch
6. Passing Boots

Complete list of Moon blueprints:

1. Fanged Cards
2. Slippyneedle
3. The Recessnette
4. Lily Hammer
5. Soul Dagger
6. Fright Saber
7. Cape Rice/ Cape Verde
8. Crococape
9. Nomad Cape
10. Conkman/Treelby
11. St'Ki Mask
12. Epaupeyes.
13. Armoranthus/ Bawk Bak
14. Ti Tunic
15. Nyl Breastplate
16. Sitton Defence
17. Monkey King Epaulettes
18. Smoulder Pads
19. Ovapow Ring
20. Nomad Max
21. Bermuda Tribangle/Possessed Bracelet
22. Shamanic Egg
23. Ferocious Fangs
24. Ring Utan
25. Kokoncord
26. The High Hoist
27. Pointy Leggings
28. Equal Espadrilles/Despadrilles
29. Ferocious Boots
30. Acuity Metamorfo
31. Velocity Metamorfo
32. Vivacity Metamorfo
33. Squirmish Grawn Chowder
34. Suxxors on the Beach
35. Mushroom Soup

Complete list of Eternal tier blueprints:

1. Shavield
2. Arcen Bow
3. Honeyjumble
4. Badgerox Scalp
5. No-Smellier
6. Frequent Ring
7. Romel Amulet
8. Zinit Vivacity
9. Zinit Velocity
10. Zinit Acuity
11. Narjacket
12. Heesh
13. Spewn
14. Draconic Hood
15. Peace Pipe
16. Nine Leggues Boots
17. Siroccolace

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With the Primitive Bli-Birch Blueprint can you also improve it from Mythical to Legendary?

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Updated zinit 3 blueprints into the blueprints list (I had them for quite a while but only updated now).

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whats your IGN? need crafting services

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hello, are your service may include getting all the mats for craft? Or I'd have to get the Nata by myself?

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For high level items I can assemble all of the materials and sell the full craft.

For low level items it's not really worth my time to do that so I just offering the crafting service.

So it depends on the value of the item really.

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What is your IGN? I'd pm you in game if i make my mind about that. Nevermind, already saw it above XD
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How much for:
Tropical Epaulettes (legendary)
Tropical Shirt (legendary)
Tropical Belt (legendary)


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