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WTS Air Set

By GJTora - MEMBER - January 23, 2014, 23:10:42

  • Black Crow Set (5% damage on Helmet) 950kk, 250kk for a single piece
  • Yech'Ti Wawa Breastplate (2% air damage), Belt 150kk for both, 140kk just the breastplate
  • Black Crow's Ring (2% damage) 50kk
  • Young Wild Sow pet lvl 33 (16% air damage, 13 ini) 150kk
  • Makabrards lvl 100 90kk
  • Icecast bone amulet and ring 30kk

If you buy all in a row you will get a discount, I will sell everything for 1,2mk instead of 1,4mk

If you would like to trade i'm looking for:

  • Kraken Set
  • Desdemona Ring, Amulet
  • Minatsu Boots
  • Imperial Assassin Cape
  • Initiate Ring
  • Tofu lvl 40+

my IGN: Old Kahiiji
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