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The Amak Looneys are in town!

By Kog55 December 21, 2013, 00:51:00
Today we had a really fun gig which started out with just me and Rayne and then got bigger and bigger at the Amak outpost, I'm hoping on doing it more in the mornings and afternoons since I'm in NZ. So keep and eye out on chat to see if anyone's calling out for people to come, sadly I didn't get a screenshot but I will next time, also I've made three songs. Krossmaster, Ecoman, and Vote Rayne. xD

So please when we next shout come on down and play, dance or wave a flag.

Yours truthfully, Kogerk the leader of the band Amak Looneys.

And a thank to our sponsor Rayne.

Vote Rayne!
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Yeah it sure was fun Kog biggrin And yeee I was able to find my screenshots of it ^^ Thanks to everyone who's joined {3

It's a nice idea to make this bigger and have gigs with many people, like we used to have before, but this time bigger and more epic!

Aaaand more people join gradually!

So, whenever we're starting this, be sure to join in and make this as big & fun as possible! We'll probably think of ways to announce this more so as many people as possible can join in on this event. Keep an eye on the topics, as we will probably update it soon ^^

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna 
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if you need one more tuba, just ask.
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It's not a set band really, anyone can join, it's just that me and Rayne start the official ones but you can always start unofficial ones.

-Kogerk AKA Koggers AKA Koggie
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