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Grand Opening Captain Amakna Dungeon

By JerryDB - MEMBER - October 04, 2013, 22:42:04
From the Roadmap for October
Get ready for a Prison-Dungeon and a "Vigilante School" dungeon run by none other than Captain Amakna... after all, he is the law! You'll be able to visit him in the very first dungeon exclusive to Haven Worlds.
Rage Against The Stasis (my guild) is going to aim to build this dungeon in our haven world as long as it does not require guild hall level 2 which we currently do not have.

The second we have completed the dungeon there will be a grand opening event complete with fireworks.

RAGE does not have a lair nor do we want anything for letting you use the dungeon. It is one of the aims of my guild to let everyone use the haven world only dungeons as much as they like.

This dungeon was not added with the October update however my guild will keep saving up kamas for it anyway. 
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The patch logs don't say anything about this. Is that dungeon really going to be implemented?
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Added to the OP.
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When will this dungeon be implented ingame...
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basjejaspers|2013-10-24 02:27:05
When will this dungeon be implented ingame...

There was supposed to be a Justice dungeon exclusive to Haven Worlds. Has this been postponed?
Azael: Yes it has. As announced some staff members have left us, and this can have an impact on the content. We have to go through a restructuration phase. But we’re not giving up on the idea!

So it is delayed until further notice.
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I hope it open soon, after december 10 maybe, cause multimen are going show off XD
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