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3V3 PvP Event in Brakmar

By OM3GA-Z3R0 September 17, 2013, 17:53:27
Good day everyone, as you people read my Politics Thread I mentioned that there will be an event coming up during my mandate, well IT'S HERE!

What is this Event?

This Event is a 3 VS 3 PvP event which is split into three categories for all level ranges to participate, the category goes as follows.

  • Beginners: Level 1-49
  • Intermediate: Level 50-99
  • Expert: Level 100+

The event schedule goes from Category 1: Beginners and works all its way to Category 3: Expert, the prizes are valued differently and are separate between the three categories.

How do I enter?

On the day of the Event there will be a one hour registering period so we can register the teams, all team members have to pay to enter the Event, when paying you can either give your team players names separately or you can give your team an actual name (e.g. Team Awesome).

The entry fee is listed below:

  • Beginners: 100 Kama's per player
  • intermediate: 1000 Kama's per player
  • Expert: 5000 Kama's per player

The entry fee of all the kama's collected will be potted into their respected category and the last three teams standing in the three categories wins the pot. The pot holder will be myself, Izanamiko.

I am lost, where is the Event and where?

  • The Event will take place in: Brakmar Nation, Martial Path
  • The Event will begin at: Saturday at 7PM Server Time

If not sure what the Server Time is, type in-game '/time' and it will display the Server Time in your chat box.

Anything I should be aware of?

  • Take note that in a team you may only have 1 class-type in a team, Identical classes in one team is not allowed in this Event.
  • Buff Food is not allowed in the Event due to guild bonus advantages for big guild players.
  • No Aggroes during the event, this will lead to disqualification for the aggroer and his team.
  • Only the announced teams can PvP during the event, if you wish to practice please PvP outside of PvP event range, if your team is up next and you are not near the event you will be whispered by one of the hosts.

Who to thank for the idea?

The idea of this event was thought out mostly by the Vice-Governor of Brakmar: Infa-Red, so I would like to give thanks for helping me on planning this event while I was busy helping to keep the nation balanced and more bot free.

Hope to see you all at the Event, let the best team win.
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Is it on Saturday?

I will try to film the whole event.
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Whoo thanks for asking that.

forgot to add that one major detail, sorted now and yes it is on Saturday.
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What are the prizes?
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The event is Saturday and it is mentioned in the thread, Prizes will be dependent on entry. e.g 10 teams of 3 enter category 1 at 100kamas each prize for category 1 is 3000k. Hope you all enjoy the event and i hope to see low and high lvl's taking part tongue
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Price =/= Prize

I'd like to know what i can win.
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Omega and muggz has explained it

The entry fee will be put into a pot and the pot holder is the host himself.

Category 3 is 5000 Kama's per player

so lets say 8 teams (24 players) pays the entry fee, the entry fee of those 24 players will be 120k Kamas.

That 120K kamas is put into the pot, the winning team of the category will win the pot, which means you win the entry fee, whatever the team does with those Kama's (either split it among the team or pay towards HW or whatever) is entirely up to them.

Is that too much to understand?
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