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The Balkan Gathering

By September 08, 2013, 19:28:45
The Balkan Gathering - an event where all players from the Balkan would fight side-by-side or against each other. Where they would help and share. Where they could meet and play again in the future.

We need your help:

We need your help with deciding when and where we will have this event. Also we need some ideas: what can we also do, make, etc...

Who's Welcome:

Everyone is welcome! All players, ages, guilds, genders, nations, etc... The only thing we ask for is for you to be from the Balkans.

Thanks for taking a minute for us and good luck,

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I wish you the best of luck with your gathering.
I have been playing since day one now I do not pretend to know everyone, but I do know a few people from the Balkan I can only think of 3 Greek people and that's it.

Remington doesn't have millions of people, I am English I know if I tried to do a English only event it would fail pretty badly.

I sincerely hope I am proven wrong and there are tons of people playing from the Balkan area.

I would suggest suggest trying to advertise in game as much as possible.

Just pick an activity like a dungeon then pick a date then get some keys.

Good luck


P.S. If you do need any help please ask.
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Hey, thanks for the tips. I also know like 3 players that are from Serbia. I saw some else, but couldn't contact them. This was me trying to meet them. I am just not sure which place I should pick. There are so many dungeons and places. I need a place that everyone will be able to come to. Zinit 2 is out, The center of Astrub is boring, and most dungeons are too short by time.
Do you have a suggestion? I would love to hear it.
And for the date I will probably choose a Saturday or Sunday. The time would definitively be around noon. I'll decide later tonight.
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Wolf Lightingfire as you are level 25 I would suggest a dungeon that you could complete with only a few extra team member such as gobbal dungeon.

Saturday and Sundays are the best days to run an event.

Please message me on this forum directly if you want to go ahead with this event and want my help.
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