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By Coal-Chamber August 14, 2013, 14:33:39
Hi my name is Infa-red and im leader of United Nations guild on Remington. On 16th August at 10am wakfu time We have our 1st guild event called BIRD FLU!!. For more info on the event and abit of story behind this terrible outbreak visit our guild forum at Our Haven world and event is open to any players that wish to try ther luck at the drops on offer tongue 
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"As I have been spending much time recently with the animals trapping in the Haven World I have noticed some weird, strange, bird like behavior starting to occur. I decided to collect some seeds from all the families in the HW and took them for testing at a friends guild laboratory and the results are not good.....
It seems like there has been an outbreak of "Wakfu bird flu" in the animals. This means that on Friday 16th August all the monsters will mutate into BIRDS!! So Crobaks, Stritch, Piwi's and Tofu's will take over the HAVEN WORLD. THE ONLY way to rid the HW of this infection is to KILL every single bird in the HW. Hopefully this will control the outbreak and prevent further infection to future mobs. Happy hunting guys. Dont forget to sell your crow claws at bonta market."
Taken from the website Infa-Red provided.

It sound like a very interesting event I will spread the word and hopefully film the event.

Here is the location for the event.
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This Event will come to an end tonight at midnight Wakfu time. Thx to everybody who attended and we will be ending the event with Crobak, Celes Strich & Tofu dung runs from 6pm Wakfu time tonight. Again good luck on drops and I look forward to the next event.
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