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So You Think You Can Dance Event

By LadyRinsun August 07, 2013, 20:11:49
Heya everyone!

As referred to in the politics section, the Government of Amakna will organize an event again! We won't organize a Hunger Games this time, nor a Horde & Seek Event. This time, it's something new. And it will be something that matches the new Jellish content perfectly (thanks to Blantuise, who helped creating this idea).

So what is it?

This event is roughly based on the 'musical chairs' game. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, the game goes like this: Someone turns up the music, and everyone else starts dancing. As soon as the music's turned off, everyone has to rush to sit on a chair. But there aren't enough chairs for everyone, so the one's who aren't on a chair is out. Until the last Sitter's standing. Or sitting.

But of course we're all way too cool for chairs so we gave it a completely different twist. Actually, it's a mix between the musical chairs game and killing each other mercilessly. How does this turn out? It's simple: One of the organizers (the Challenger probably) will play an instrument and all the participants start dancing, derping, or anything else that's fabulous you feel like doing at that moment when you've got no dance emotes. But don't stay too concentrated on the dancing because you'll have to pay very good attention to the musician! When the music stops, everyone has to aggress one other participant as quickly as possible. The person who's left with no fight is out. The losers of the fights are also out. When the fights are done the music starts again and this swinging disco killer scene will repeat itself until one participant's left who shall claim the prize.

What's the prize? It will be a kamas prize, with the amount lying around 100-200kk, depending on the exact amount of money we can raise.

Where will it be held?

This event will be held at the fabulous disco and dancing area, Bilbiza! After some searching, we've found the exact and only worthy location for the event - the Disco! -- Sadly enough Ankama wants to avoid any Panic! at the Disco, and made fighting in the disco forbidden. The fighting of the event will take place at the entrance of the Jellith Dimension in stead! Right here:

An eventual afterparty will still take place at the disco, for everyone who wants to talk and hang out some more, or share their ideas for future events or other things we can do!

Here's the entrance to the disco, it's a bit tricky to find. Just follow the red carpet and click the spot I drew that arrow at.

We'll end up in this fancy crib to do the afterparty.

So when is it?

This Friday, 9th of August at 3 PM, GMT + 2/Wakfu server time. Please don't confuse this time with GMT + 1, we've seen this happening a lot because of the confusion surrounding daily saving time. Write it down on your agenda and be sure to join!

How can you join?

Joining is completely free! There is no entrance fee. Just leave a message on this topic or let Ahobaka, Hemrys or me in-game. We're looking forward to your participation!

So people, get your best dance moves and fighting gear and make sure to sign up for this fabulous yet aggressive event!

-Xx Rayne, Governor of Amakna
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You forgot to mention what happens if someone attacks someone before the music stops?
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Wow, you're fast. Are you pressing F5 all the time on the forums or something @[email protected] *dazzled* xDD Anyways. If someone attacks an other participant before the music stops, I reckon that participant will be disqualified and the swinging victim will be Kenko'd and hugged and rejoins the event.
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Sign me up! This is gonna be so much fun can't wait.

Ecaniflip. \o/
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Such an awesome idea, I've literally fell in love with it. *w* Now asking friends to join and waiting for Friday with a big excitement~
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ill do my best to join the event rayne! =)
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This sounds pretty neat, I'll see if I can join. Better equip the best I have.... ;P
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Another very promising event of the Amaknian government, very good job!
I will definately be there if I can make it. smile

Oh, I also have a question: Is ganging allowed? Jumping in each others' fights and all? What about multi-client?

~ Karah
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It's 1 vs 1. You can't sit on 1 chair with 2 people either, in a real game of Musical Chairs (stoelendans wink ). I'm not sure if multi clienting is okay. I would think not, but thats for Rayne to decide.

The idea for lower levels is, to make sure to pick their target wisely in order to get to later levels in the game. I was thinking to maybe sponsor a prize for the longest standing 100- or something (as long as 2 100-s don't tie). I'm rather poor though, due to Haven World and don't think I can bring up more then 10kk. If this 2nd prize could get more sponsors it'd be awesome.
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Awesome guys! I'm really glad you're all excited about it. You're all in, of course smile

Is ganging allowed? Jumping in each others' fights and all? What about multi-client?

Ganging's not allowed, nor is jumping in each others' fights. Multi-clienting has been debated and we decided to keep it out of the event. Ganging/joining others' fights or multi-clienting will lead to disqualification.

I was thinking to maybe sponsor a prize for the longest standing 100- or something

That's a really nice idea! I'll see what I can do concerning the sponsors. I must say that it's already a bit hard to gather the main prize, as everyone's broke because of the Haven Worlds! But we'll see how far we can get smile Donations/other sponsors are always welcome of course, also from participants before the event starts.

Thanks for the feedback, suggestions are always welcome. Hope to see ya all tomorrow!

-Xx Rayne

PS: First post has been updated with the exact location of the event. 
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Too bad about the Disco Rayne! but the fancy zaap to the other dimension fits perfectly by all our sweet moves as well!
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Ofc I will join!
See you there,

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Woohoo! Congratulations Ganjo!

Let the pictures come Raayne smile 
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I have only few pics, didn't take screenies while fighting x'D
Line-up before the start:

And the finalists near zaap (except that cra who wasn't supposed to be there lol)

Awesome event, liked it a lot. Was the very first time when I'm a participant, but not an organiser :p
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Epic and fabulous! Reviving our childhood with a mix of free violence. biggrin

God, I loved this when I was a kid centuries ago.
Geez, I feel nostalgic now. And it is your fault, Ray-Ray. u_u

Anyways, congrats for the event guys. I bet it was pretty fun.

- Niele =P
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The first season of the So You Think You Can Dance Event is over already! Thanks a lot for joining eveyone! It was a really great event and I'd love to organize it again. Here's some screenies!

Everyone danciiin'!

The first fights have started!

The last round and... Ahobaka (Suto) is left with no dancing partner, which means he's out! It's now between the last two fighters!

Teh last battle~

And the winner! Congratulatiosn Genjutsu!

That's it for this event, thanks to the sponsors, everyone who helped and to the participants! Seeya next time!

-Xx Rayne
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I was unbeatable no one wanted to dance with me *sobs*
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You were too slow! Thats a whole different story wink 
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Next time I'll invite you to the prom, Aho <3
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